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  stephen greif
stephen greif - picture from stephen greif homepage www.actor.co.uk

Stephen Greif starred as the first Travis in Blake's 7, and has appeared in many televison, film and theatrical productions. He also does extensive voice work, often for televison advertisements. His website is Stephen Greif - Actor and Voices. I decided to put together this small fan page partly because he is one of my favourite actors, and partly because there are no other pages about him on the web that I can find (apart from his own site of course!). See the links below for more information:

gallery :: audio :: theatre :: tv :: film :: links

  • unfortunately due to time constraints the Stephen Greif pages will no longer be updated. If I do find interesting links or images I will endeavour to add them, but cannot offer a "news" section any longer.
  • Horizon have a Yahoo group dedicated to Blake's 7 news and events announcements, this is a very good place to find news of Stephen's projects
  • Stephen's MythMakers film is now available on DVD - available from The Who Shop
  • a showreel is available on Stephen's site - a compilation of past work, this version is optimised for the web and uses streaming video
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