bbc talent 'acting up'

george irving interview

Sound clips from the online interview with George. All sounds are in WAVE format unless otherwise stated, and were saved using MPEG-3 encoding, allowing high quality at low file size. To save to your PC, right click on the link and choose "save target as". Thanks to Gill for the sound clips. Also see screen captures from the interview.

dontguess.wav (31K) - "Don't try and guess what they're looking for, because you'll probably guess wrong"

extraordinary.wav (16K) - "This is an extraordinary character"

myname.wav (38K) - "My name is George Irving and I'm an actor, and I'm currently appearing in Holby City"

onlytheirview.wav (53K) - "And if you are what they're looking for this will become apparent, and if you're not then don't be put off, because it's only their view"

peoplesayingno.wav (23K) - "You have to learn to deal with people saying 'no' to you"

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