holby city series 3

episode 19 "private lives, public faces" broadcast 20.03.01

Sound clips featuring Anton Meyer. All sounds are in WAVE format unless otherwise stated, and were saved using MPEG-3 encoding, allowing high quality at low file size. To save to your PC, right click on the link and choose "save target as".

45minutes.wav (155K) - (AM) "Allow me to buy some drinks as well" (MB) "Ohh, thank you" (AM) "Benefits of a full private list; although for my part I'm not remotely surprised by this outcome, I always knew that the allegations against Dr Bannerje would be proven false" (AB) "Can I ask how?" (AM) "Well there was such a huge implausibility in her initial statement; the patient maintained that she stayed awake for forty-five minutes whilst listening to Mr. Barratt talking. I'm afraid I find that very difficult to believe"

attn_detail.wav (25K) - (AM) "Not in my theatre doctor. Here we say it, it encourages attention to detail"

closed.wav (28K) - (AM) "This matter is now closed! Closed."

debate.wav (18K) - (AM) "This is neither the time nor the place for this debate"

double_tragedy.wav (34K) - (AM) "Double tragedy Mr Adams" (AA) "Er, sorry?" (AM) "To lose both your sense of time and direction in one morning"

exceed.wav (25K) - (AM) "Oh, so you clearly set aside a whole afternoon to exceed your authority"

overworked.wav (27K) - (AM) "Then when did you decide that I was so overworked that you needed to do my job for me?"

resignation.wav (17K) - (AM) "Please tell me this is a preamble to your resignation speech"

thinking.wav (10K) - (AM) "Time to practise thinking"

vaudeville.wav (18K) - (SK) "Sorry, um, it was meant to be a joke" (AM) "Then I'm afraid you're in the wrong place. Holby tends to reserve its vaudeville theatre for Mr Barratt, he's next door"

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