holby city series 3

episode 20 "family ties" broadcast 27.03.01

Sound clips featuring Anton Meyer. All sounds are in WAVE format unless otherwise stated, and were saved using MPEG-3 encoding, allowing high quality at low file size. To save to your PC, right click on the link and choose "save target as".

arrogance.wav (118K) - (AM) "Nothing wrong with arrogance, as long as you're right. (beeper sounds) Well I'm afraid my poor, browbeaten team need me back in theatre, so, if you'll excuse me, I'll have to get back there and give them a dose of pro-active, self-esteem-raising backup"

bickering.wav (138K) - (AM) "I'm not interested in explanations and excuses. I will not tolerate bickering among members of my firm. When we go into that theatre we operate as a unit and we leave our petty personal differences at the door. Clear?"

inane.wav (23K) - (AM) "No, I'm hostile to inane buzzwords and tired cliches"

machismo.wav (44K) - (AM) "Well, what you call a culture of machismo I call living in the real world. So why don't you stop wasting my time and get back to work!"

onmyway.wav (32K) - (AM) "Meyer ..... on my way"

textbook.wav (10K) - (AM) "Not exactly textbook was it"

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