when the boat comes in

"paddy boyle's discharge"

Sound clips featuring Sid Hepburn. All sounds are in WAVE format unless otherwise stated, and were saved using MPEG-3 encoding, allowing high quality at low file size. To save to your PC, right click on the link and choose "save target as". Thanks to Gill for the sounds.

behave.wav (15K) - "Behave yourself for God's sake"

captainlesliesays.wav (45K) - "Captain Leslie says we're a couple of stupid ignorant swine - he says the only reason he sent us two was the rest are even thicker than we are"

dropin.wav (11K) - "Drop in any time Jack, I'll probably be here"

hardest.wav (41K) - "He was the hardest of the lot sir. Do your job, there was no trouble. Cross him, and he'd destroy you"

nowtwe.wav (23K) - "Talk to him ... now"

whydidi.wav (42K) - "Why did I say you had to buy us one back? Now did I? You've bought me a can or few in your time. Besides I can afford it"

willingm.wav (16K) - "What about the women? I never saw a willing one yet."

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