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A listing of television work, information gratefully compiled from various sources, including the IMDb, BFI, The George Irving Page, and various other web resources. Special thanks to Christina for finding missing information. Where date is unknown, listing is at the end of the table. If you wish to use this information elsewhere please give credit to this site as original compiler.

2013 New Tricks, episodes 10.1 "The Rock: part 1", 10.2 "The Rock: part 2" William Embleton BBC; first airing July 30th & August 6th 2013, BBC1
2011 Midsomer Murders, episode 14.7 "A Sacred Trust" Matthew Hendred ITV
2011 The Royal, episode 8.11 "Below The Surface" Terence Mavers ITV; first aired UK 24th July 2011. This was the penultimate episode of the final series.
Synopsis: A 15-year old boy is shot by an intruder with his grandfather's shotgun. Dr. Weatherill risks everything to save a homeless man trapped at a building site. An unexpected donor appears to offer funding for the repair of the casualty department.
2011 The Avenging Spirit Mr Black Short film
2010 Moving On, episode "Losing My Religion" Mr Georgeson BBC daytime drama series, first aired BBC1 10th November 2010
Episode synopsis: Contemporary drama series. When Joanne's son Jamie gets bullied, she assumes that his Catholic school will do everything they can to help. She is shocked to discover, though, that he is being attacked because the other children think he's gay. Headteacher Mr Georgeson runs a tight ship, but although he says he abhors bullying, he can't condone homosexuality. Joanne's husband Dave tells her to keep her nose out, as she'll make it worse, and that Jamie'll grow out of it. But things are much worse for Jamie than anyone realises, and if the school and his parents don't support him, will Jamie be pushed to desperate measures? Also starring Hugo Speer, Ruth Gemmell, Nico Mirallegro, Tom Mannion, Jane Lowe.
2009 Doctors, episode "Toss of a Coin" Graham Douglas BBC daytime drama series, September 2009
2008 The Tudors, series 2, episodes 9 & 10 Sir William Kingston BBC drama, September 2008
2006 The Best Man Miller ITV drama, March 2006
2005 Antonio's Breakfast Father Short film, drama - won BAFTA for Best Short Film 2006
2005 Dalziel and Pascoe, episode 3 "The Dig", parts 1 and 2 Robin Blake BBC detective drama, first screened 13th and 14th February 2005
2004 Things To Do Before You're 30 Dylan's dad Feature film
2002 Casualty, episode "Broken Hearts" Anton Meyer BBC medical drama
2000 Songs of Praise, Christmas 2000 (reader) himself BBC religious programme
1999 - 2002 Holby City Anton Meyer BBC medical drama, Casualty spinoff
1998 Cadfael - The Holy Thief Prior Herluin Mediaeval murder-mystery; Carlton/Central
1997 Wing and a Prayer Judge Michael Freeman Legal drama; Thames/Channel 5
1997 Backup - "Not Cricket" Jennings Police OSU drama; BBC
1997 Wokenwell - episode 1.1 Clive Munson Surreal police drama set in a village; London Weekend Television
1995 Dangerfield D.I. Ken Jackson Police surgeon drama; BBC (series 1 and 2)
1994 Peak Practice - "Enemy Within" (ep. 2.5) Martin Keel Medical drama; Carlton
1994 (tbc) The Healer (poss. The Healing) tbc preacher Two-part serial; BBC
1994 The Bill - "Clubbing Together!" George Rice 1/4/94; police series; Thames
1993 Vicious Circle Dave  
1993 Bad Company Jimmy Robinson TV movie; dramatisation of the Carl Bridgewater case
1992 Sitting Pretty Justin Comedy; BBC
1992 The Bill - "Spit and Polish" Malcolm Cooper Police series; Thames
1992 Born Kicking Eddie Lang about a female soccer player; BBC
1992 The Jazz Detectives D.I. Dowler HTV
1991-95 (prod.) In Suspicious Circumstances - "The Man Who Melted Away" "The Man" Crime drama series; Granada
1990 Falling for Love: Made in Heaven Robert McBride Granada
1990 The Bill - "University Challenge" Joey Buchan Police series; Thames
1989 Inspector Morse - "The Secret of Bay 5b" George Henderson Detective drama; Carlton/Granada
1989 Tumbledown Tug Falklands drama; BBC
1989 A Night on the Tyne Colin Ash Drama about jobless shipbuilders; BBC
1988 Coronation Street - episode 1280 Nick Cavanagh long-running soap; Granada
1988 Casualty - "Inferno" (ep. 3.9) Paul Medical drama; BBC
1988 Weekend Break - "Bust" Tony Underwood London Weekend Television
1987 Bulman - ep. 2.2 "Death by Misadventure" D.S. Ned Cottan Granada (27th June 1987)
1986 Boon - "Unto Us Four A Son" (ep. 1.5) Cormack Central
1986 FMI - Service reception training    
1986 Eastenders - "Friend needed" Trevor Smith aired 13/5/86; BBC
1986 Eastenders - "Bank Business" Trevor Smith aired 8/5/86; BBC
1985 Dempsey and Makepeace - "Wheelman" (ep. 2.2) Mickey the shiv Golden Eagle Films/London Weekend Television
1985 C.A.T.S. Eyes - "My Father Knew Lloyd Mbotu" Alan Hewitt Female detective agency drama; TVS Television
1984 Juliet Bravo - "Flowers Tomorrow" (ep. 5.14) BBC
1984 The Prisoner of Zenda Black Michael London Weekend Television
1984 Blue Money Ramirez Crime-comedy; London Weekend Television
1984 Class Of His Own Andrew  
1984 Squaring the Circle Mdzelevski by Tom Stoppard; BBC
1984 Crown Court, episode "Paki Basher" Sgt. Bone ITV court drama series
1983 For Four Tonight Tony Royle London Weekend Television
1981 Bergerac - "See You In Moscow" (ep. 1.5) Gregori Detective series set on Jersey; BBC
1981 McBride Reading Crime - "Knife Edge" Dave  
1981 Commitments - Play For Today Will  
1980 Juliet Bravo - "Oscar" (ep. 1.14) D.C. Timothy Daniels 29/11/1980, Police series; BBC
1979 If Only We'd Known    
1979 Shoestring - "Listen to Me" (ep.1.5) Stan Burnham Detective series; BBC
1979 Angels - episodes 5.13 & 5.15   Medical drama series; BBC
1978 The Professionals - "Fall Girl" (ep. 2.10) third security man Action series; London Weekend Television
1978 Target - "Promises" (ep. 14) Scott Detective series; BBC
1978 The Sweeney - "Hearts and Minds" (ep. 4.11) second detective Police drama; Euston Films
1977 This Year, Next Year - 9 episodes Lawrence Schofield Granada
1976 Night People - play of the week Paul BBC
1976 Three Days in Szcecin Golaszevski Granada
1975 When the Boat Comes In - "Paddy Boyle's Discharge" (ep. 1.08) Sid Hepburn Social drama post-WWI; BBC
1975 The Stars Look Down, episode "Useful Employment" (25/09/1975) David Tracy (tbc) Granada
1974 Village Hall, episode "Friendly Encounter" (06/08/1974) Andy Granada
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