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WELCOME to Minas Tirith, Lord of the Rings movie desktop wallpapers. To use the images on your desktop, right-click on the image and select "Set as background" (or wallpaper) (or "Save target as" to save to your computer). These wallpapers were all created by me from scratch and must not be used for commercial gain, or on any other site without permission. Thanks to all the sites that provide LOTR movie images!.

This site is not currently being updated but will remain online for the foreseeable future. Periodic link check & housekeeping last done 8th June 2018.

This site only hosts my own wallpapers (please don't send me wallpapers!) but I am very happy to exchange links with other LOTR wallpaper creators (not linksites).

FAQ - please check out the FAQ for common questions - it may just answer yours. Please note I cannot accept wallpaper requests or suggestions, thanks.

AOL users: please switch off Image Compression to make sure you download the desktops at their intended image quality.

Please note no-one is authorised to sell any of these wallpapers on ebay or elsewhere! These are free downloads for personal use only - we do NOT make any profit from them. If you see them for sale in any form (photo, t-shirt, mouse-mat etc.), they have been taken without my permission.

Disclaimer: I cannot take any responsibility for any problems you may encounter while using the wallpapers. Sorry, I can't offer specific help with wallpaper usage.


Faramir & Eowyn 4
Faramir & Éowyn, no. 4
Gandalf 6
Gandalf, no. 6

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